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Table 3 Unadjusted and adjusted hazard ratiosa for SHERBOC status

From: Heregulin (HRG) assessment for clinical trial eligibility testing in a molecular registry (PRAEGNANT) in Germany

Outcome Unadjusted analysis Adjusted analysis b
Hazard ratio (95% CI) P value Hazard ratio (95% CI) P value
PFS-1TLc 0.44 (0.27, 0.72) <  0.01 0.60 (0.36, 0.98) 0.04
OS-1TLc 0.10 (0.02, 0.40) <  0.01 0.14 (0.03, 0.59) <  0.01
  1. CI Confidence interval; HR Hazard ratio; OS Overall survival; PFS Progression-free survival
  2. a Reference category is “not SHERBOC”
  3. b HRs are adjusted for age at study entry, tumor grade, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group grading, metastasis pattern, and number of concomitant diseases
  4. c -1TL refers to the PFS or OS of the therapy line before a possible inclusion into the SHERBOC trial