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Table 2 Details on recurrences and cause of death in women 18–40 years of age diagnosed with stage I epithelial ovarian cancer between 2008 and 2015

From: A Swedish Nationwide prospective study of oncological and reproductive outcome following fertility-sparing surgery for treatment of early stage epithelial ovarian cancer in young women

# FIGO Stage Histology Grade FSS Adjuvant Chemo Recurrence Time to Recur. (months) Site of Recurrence Treatment at Recur. Follow-Up after Recur. (months) Status Time from Treatment to Death (months) Cause of Death
1 IA Mucinous Yes No Yes 18 Bone & CNS Radiation + chemo 6 DOD 36 DOD
2 IA LGS Yes No Yes 43 Ovary Surgery 14 NED  
3 IC1 Mixed 1 No No Yes 24 Pelvic cavity Surgery + chemo 2.5 NED  
4 IC2 HGS No Yes Yes 27 Paraaortic LN & pelvic cavity Surgery + chemo 3 NED  
5 IC1 CCC No Yes Yes 16 Pelvic cavity Surgery + chemo 6 AWD  
6 IC1 CCC No Yes Yes 10 Pelvic LN & pelvic cavity Chemo 11 DOD 28 DOD
7 IA HGS No Yes Yes 26 Vaginal cuff Surgery + chemo 10 NED  
8 IC2 CCC No Yes Yes 4.5 Peritoneal & liver Chemo 19 DOD 30 DOD
9 IC1 Mucinous No Yes No DEAD 72 Lung cancer
10 IA Mucinous No No No DEAD 18 Jejunal cancer
11 IC Mucinous No No No DEAD 30 Unknown
Total, mean (range) IA (36%)IC (64%)       21 (4.5–43)    9 (2.5–19)   36 (28–72)  
  1. FSS Fertility-sparing surgery, HGS High-grade serous carcinoma, LGS Low-grade serous carcinoma, CCC Clear-cell cancer, CNS Central nervous system, LN Lymph node, NED No evidence of disease, AWD Alive with disease, DOD Died of disease