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Table 5 The top ten enriched biological pathways

From: Identification of common signatures in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer using gene expression modeling

Biological pathway Genes
PPAR signaling pathway ACADL, CD36, LPL, MMP1
Metabolic pathways ACADL, AOC3, HSD17B6, RRM2
Pathways in cancer EDNRB, HHIP, MMP1
Alzheimer’s disease LPL, MME
Proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation CA2, CA4
Cholesterol metabolism CD36, LPL
Phagosome CD36, SFTPD
Relaxin signaling pathway EDNRB, MMP1
Adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes SCN7A, TNNC1
Chemokine signaling pathway CXCL14, CXCR2