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Table 3 Characteristics of relapsed patients

From: Treatment outcome and long-term follow-up of central nervous system germ cell tumor using upfront chemotherapy with subsequent photon or proton radiation therapy: a single tertiary center experience of 127 patients

Risk Number Primary site Previous radiotherapy Relapsed site Time to relapse (days) Survival
Low risk 1 Rt. BG LFRT 39.6Gy (XRT) Lt. medial temporal lobe 660 DOD
2 Rt. BG LFRT 39.6Gy (XRT) Rt. frontal & anterior temporal lobe 1146 Alive
3 Rt. BG WV 19.8Gy + LFRT 19.8Gy (PRT) Subependymal seeding 885 Alive
4 Lt. BG WV 19.8Gy + LFRT 19.8Gy (PRT) Sellar area 2654 Alive
5 suprasellar Only chemotherapy Biopsy track 102 Alive
High risk 1 3rd ventricle CSI 23.4Gy + LFRT 30.6Gy
Pineal gland 449 DOD
2 Pineal gland WV 23.4Gy + LFRT 30.6
Pineal gland 201 DOD
3 Pineal gland CSI 23.4Gy + LFRT 30.6Gy
Pineal gland 365 DOD
  1. Rt. right, BG basal ganglia, LFRT limited-field radiation therapy, Gy gray, Lt. left, DOD died of disease, XRT photon radiation therapy, WV whole ventricle, PRT proton radiation therapy, CSI craniospinal irradiation