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Table 2 Patient characteristics

From: Established fibrous peritoneal metastasis in an immunocompetent mouse model similar to clinical immune microenvironment of gastric cancer

 Median 66
 Range 27–83
 Male 17
 Female 11
Macroscopic type
 2 3
 3 11
 4 14
Histological type (Lauren)
 Intestinal 3
 Diffuse 25
Degree of peritoneal metastasisa
 P1a 11
 P1b 4
 P1c 13
  1. aperitoneal metastasis was classified according to the 15th edition of the General Rules for Gastric Cancer Study of the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer
  2. P1a: greater omentum, lesser omentum, anterior lobe of the transverse colon membrane, or membrane of the pancreatic surface or spleen, P1b: a few scattered metastases to upper abdominal peritoneum, namely, the parietal peritoneum close to the umbilical side and the visceral peritoneum close to the cranial transverse colon, P1c: many metastases to middle or lower peritoneum