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Table 1 List of used antibodies

From: Established fibrous peritoneal metastasis in an immunocompetent mouse model similar to clinical immune microenvironment of gastric cancer

Antibody Product code Origin Dilution Source
Human CD4 M7310 mouse IgG maba 1:100 Nichirei, Tokyo, Japan
Human CD8 ab4055 rabbit IgG pabb 1:200 Abcam, Tokyo, Japan
Human CD163 NCL-L-CD163 mouse IgG mab 1:200 Leica Bio, Tokyo, Japan
Mouse α-SMA ab5694 rabbit IgG pab 1:1000 Abcam, Tokyo, Japan
Mouse CD4 ab183685 rabbit IgG mab 1:1000 Abcam, Tokyo, Japan
Mouse CD8 ab209775 rabbit IgG mab 1:2000 Abcam, Tokyo, Japan
Mouse CD163 ab182422 rabbit IgG mab 1:500 Abcam, Tokyo, Japan
  1. amab Monoclonal antibody, bpab Polyclonal antibody