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Table 6 Unmodified genes in the drug-resistant variants determined by DNA microarray analysis

From: Venetoclax and alvocidib are both cytotoxic to acute myeloid leukemia cells resistant to cytarabine and clofarabine

Gene Ref. sequence Fold change
HL-60/Ara-C10 HL-60/CAFdA4 HL-60/CAFdA30
SLC29A1 NM_022127 1.31 1.27 1.29
SLC28A3 NM_001078 0.86 0.85 0.82
NFKB1 NM_003998 0.54 0.50 0.53
  1. There were 4804 genes that had variation compared to the parent strain in 60,901 total genes
  2. Gene symbol were SLC29A1:hENT1, SLC28A3: hCNT3