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Table 2 The growth inhibition effects of venetoclax and alvocidib

From: Venetoclax and alvocidib are both cytotoxic to acute myeloid leukemia cells resistant to cytarabine and clofarabine

Drug HL-60
nM (RR)
nM (RR)
nM (RR)
Venetoclax 30 1200 (40) 2300 (77) 2400 (80)
Alvocidib 87 194 (2.2) 196 (2.3) 163 (1.9)
  1. The IC50 were calculated by using the XTT assay. RR, relative resistance calculated as the ratio of the IC50 of HL-60/ara-C10, HL-60/CAFdA4, or HL-60/CAFdA30 cells relative to that of HL-60