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Table 6 ICC for receiving ODX and being recommended, receiving, and refusing chemotherapy

From: Patient and physician factors associated with Oncotype DX and adjuvant chemotherapy utilization for breast cancer patients in New Hampshire, 2010–2016

Clinical Decision Hospital-level ICC Physician-level ICC
Receiving ODX for all patients 0.02 0.07
Receiving ODX for eligible patientsa 0.04 0.11
Recommending chemotherapy after ODX 0.06 0.17
Receiving chemotherapy after ODX 0.04 0.18
Receiving chemotherapy after Low ODX RS 0.14 0.33
Receiving chemotherapy after Int ODX RS 0.03 0.18
Refusing chemotherapy after ODX 0.09 0.27
  1. aODX eligible patients are defined as stage 1 or 2, LN negative, and HR+/HER2-