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Table 1 Scoring points assigned to symptoms potentially associated with radiation pneumonitis, based on common terminology criteria for adverse events (CTCAE) v5.0 [6]

From: Pneumonitis after radiotherapy for lung cancer (PARALUC): an interventional study to create a symptom-based scoring system for identification of patients developing radiation pneumonitis

Symptom Severity of the Symptom (as stated by the patients) Points
Cough No 0
yes, a little/sometimes 1
yes, moderate/regularly 2
yes, severe/permanently 3
Shortness of breath No 0
yes, with intense exertion (e.g. climbing stairs) 1
yes, with mild exertion (e.g. walking on flat ground) 2
yes, at rest 3
Fever No 0
yes, between 37.6 und 38.0 °C 1
yes, between 38.1 und 39.0 °C 2
yes, higher than 39.0 °C 3