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Table 1 Selection criteria for the rating and ranking exercise

From: Monitoring and evaluation of breast cancer screening programmes: selecting candidate performance indicators

RELEVANT - An adequate indicator must have sound clinical and/or empirical rationale for its use. It represents an important aspect of breast cancer screening, gives useful information to different practice and policy stakeholders and stimulates efficient actions.
MEASURABLE - The data required to assess the indicator must be available and easily accessible.
ACCURATE - An adequate indicator should have a relatively large variation in the delivery of (sub)-processes of care to women between services and/or between Member States that is not due to random variation or female (client) characteristics.
ETHICAL - Collection, treatment and analysis of indicator data respects individual rights of confidentiality, freedom of choice in providing data and informed consent about the nature and implications of data provided.
UNDERSTANDABLE - An indicator has to be simple. Its interpretation should be easy and understandable by the majority of the population, not only by experts and stakeholders.