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Table 2 Characteristics of the top 10 lncRNAs

From: Long non-coding RNA SNHG3 promotes breast cancer cell proliferation and metastasis by binding to microRNA-154-3p and activating the notch signaling pathway

Ensemble Gene Dysregulation Fold Change P Value
ENSG00000242125 SNHG3 Up 14.57442588 1.15E-68
ENSG00000215190 LNC00680 Up 3.616287083 3.75E-27
ENSG00000224577 AC017048.4 Up 7.63389477 5.67E-49
ENSG00000224020 miR-181A2HG Up 10.62338023 1.55E-55
ENSG00000226101 AC007461.2 Up 4.326357933 5.34E-30
ENSG00000212766 LNC00277 Up 4.302321175 9.37E-47
ENSG00000197308 GATA3-AS1 Up 5.294820578 2.35E-41
ENSG00000163364 AC017048.3 Up 14.0691325 4.78E-24
  1. Note: SNHG3 Small nucleolar RNA host gene 3, LNC Long non-coding, miR microRNA