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Table 2 Antibodies used in immunofluorescence study

From: TIMP-2 regulates proliferation, invasion and STAT3-mediated cancer stem cell-dependent chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells

Antibody Host species Catalogue number and company Dilution used
ERCC1 Mouse Ab2356, Abcam 1:98
Anti-betaIII Rabbit Ab18207, Abcam 1:180
Anti-TIMP2 antibody [3A4] Mouse Ab1828, Abcam 1:20
MT1-MMP Rabbit 13130S, Cell signaling 1:200
OCT4 Rabbit Ab19857, Abcam 1:180
EpCAM (VU109) Mouse 2929, Cell signaling 1:800
STAT3 (124H6) (total STAT3) Mouse 9139S, Abcam 1:1600
Phospho-Stat3 (Tyr705) Mouse 9131S, Cell signaling 1:200
MMP2 Goat AF902, R&D systems 1:40
CD44 (T2-F4) Rat Ab40983, Abcam 1:100
CD133/Prom1 Rabbit Ab19898, Abcam 1:200
Alexa Fluor™ 488 Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) Goat A32731, Life Technology 1:200
Alexa Fluor™ 568 Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) Donkey A10037, Life Technology 1:200
Alexa Fluor™ 594 Donkey Anti-Goat IgG (H+L) Donkey A32758, Life Technology 1:200
Alexa Fluor™ 488 Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H+L) Goat A-11006, Life Technology 1:200