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Table 1 examines the characteristics extracted in the studies

From: Clinical effects of curcumin in enhancing cancer therapy: A systematic review

Author’s name, year Country Duration of study Dosage of the drug Number of patients Results
Hejazi,2013 [35] Iran 2 years 3 g per day 40 Curcumin reduces the severity of urinary symptoms.
Belcaro,2014 [36] Italy 500 mg with soy lecithin 80 Curcumin reduced side effects.
Bayet-robert,2010 [37] France 16 months 500 to 600 mg 10 Curcumin lowers the concentration of the CEA marker tumor.
Ryam,2013 [38] USA 2 years 6 g 30 Curcumin reduces some skin complications.
Kanai,2011 [39] Japan 11 months 8 g 22 Curcumin increased patient survival.
Hemati,2011 [40] Iran 6 months 6 g 40 Curcumin reduces some skin problems.
Garcea,2005 [41] UK 450 to 1800 mg per day 12 Curcumin increased the effectiveness of the colon.
Sharma,2001 [42] UK 4 months 0.18–0.036 g per day 15 Curcumin reduced glutathione s-transferase activity.
Sharma,2004 [43] UK 4 months 3.6–0.45 g per day 15 Curcumin reduces prostaglandin E2 production.
Cruz-correa M,2006 [44] USA 5 months 1.44 g per day 10 Reduces the number and size of polyps without any significant toxicity.
Yu He,2010 [45] China 10–30 days 1.08 g per day 126 Curcumin has been shown to improve the overall health of patients with colorectal cancer.
Durgaprasad,2005 [46] India 6 Weeks 1.5 g per day 20 Curcumin reduced lipid peroxidation and increased glutathione content in patients.
Dhillon,2008 [47] USA 8 g per day 25 Well-tolerated, limited absorption, and showed activity in some patients
Ide,2010 [48] Japan 6 months 0.1 g per day 85 Reduced the serum prostate-specific antigen content in combination with isoflavones
Golombick,2009 [49] Australia 6 months 4 g per day 26 Decreased para protein load and urinary N telopeptide of type I collagen
Polasa,1992 [50] India 30 days 1.5 g per day 16 Reduced the urinary excretion of mutagens in smokers
Hastak,1997 [51] India 3 months 3.6 g per day 26 Reduced the number of micronuclei in mucosal cells and in circulating lymphocytes
Cheng,2001 [52] Taiwan 3 months 8 g per day 25 Improved the precancerous lesions
Rai,2010 [53] UK 7 days 1 g per day 75 Increased vitamins C and E levels, decrease dmalondi aldehyde and 8-hydroxy deoxy guanosine contents in the serum and saliva
Marcia Cruz Correa,2018
New York 12 month 1500 mg orally, twice a day 44 No difference in polyp size and number between placebo and curcumin
Richard Greil,2018 [55] USA 8 weeks Doses between 100 and 300 mg per minute 32 No variation in tumor size according to RECIST criteria
Lynne M Howells,2019 [56] United Kingdom 291 days 2 g per day 24 Curcumin was a safe and tolerable adjunct to FOLFOX chemotherapy in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer