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Table 4 Top ranked mean score of individual CNAT question according to domain (FCs)

From: Supporting the patients with advanced cancer and their family caregivers: what are their palliative care needs?

  Mean Score
1. I needed information about financial support for medical expenses either from government and/ or private organisations 1.22
2. I needed guidelines or information about complementary and alternative medicine 1.04
3. I needed information about caring for the patient (symptom management, diet, exercise, etc.) 0.97
4. I needed information about the current status of the patient’s illness and its future course 0.93
5. I needed information about tests and treatment that the patient receives 0.88
Health-care staff
1. I needed to see the doctor quickly and easily when in need 1.08
2. I needed nurses to promptly attend to the patient’s discomfort and pain 0.81
3. I needed the doctor to be clear, specific, and honest in his/ her explanation 0.71
4. I needed cooperation and communication among health-care staff 0.68
5. I needed the nurses to explain treatment or care given to the patient 0.67
Practical support
1. I needed the treatment to be near home for the patient 1.06
2. I needed help with the economic burden caused by cancer 1.01
3. I needed a transportation service for getting to and from the hospital 0.71
4. I needed accommodation services near the hospital where the patient was being treated 0.52
5. I needed assisted care in hospital or at home 0.49
Hospital facilities & services
1. I needed a designated hospital staff member who would be able to provide counselling for any concerns, and guidance with the course of the treatment, from the point of diagnosis to the period after discharge. 0.75
2. I needed a space reserved for caregivers within the hospital 0.65
3. I needed a visiting nurse service for home 0.60
4. I needed guidance about hospital facilities and services 0.52
5. I needed the opportunity to share experiences or information with other caregivers 0.49
Health & psychological problems
1. I needed help with concerns about the patient 0.93
2. I needed help with feelings of vague anxiety 0.47
3. I needed help with feelings of anger, irritability, or nervousness 0.39
4. I needed help with depression 0.30
5. I needed help with loneliness or feelings of isolation 0.24
Family/ social support
1. I needed help with patient over-dependence 0.52
2. I needed help with my own relaxation and my personal life 0.51
3. I needed help with difficulties in family relationships after cancer diagnosis 0.34
4. I needed help with the patient’s lack of appreciation of the caregiving 0.29
5. I needed help with difficulties in interpersonal relationships after cancer diagnosis 0.24
Religious/ spiritual support
1. I needed help in finding the meaning of my situation and coming to terms with it 0.34
2. I needed religious support 0.24