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Table 1 Measures and definitions

From: Technology-enabled activation of skin cancer screening for hematopoietic cell transplantation survivors and their primary care providers (TEACH)

Measure Definition
SkinSelf-Examination (SSE) Defined as performing at least one SSE during the 2 m prior to the baseline and 12 m follow-up assessments [54,55,56]. Additionally, survivors will be asked how often in the prior 2 m they had thoroughly examined each of eight areas of the body (“the front of you from the waist up,” “the front of your thighs and legs,” “the bottom of your feet,” “your calves,” “the backs of your thighs,” “your buttocks and lower parts of your back,” “your upper back,” and “your scalp.”) This serves as a measure of quality of each patient’s report of the SSE.
PhysicianSkinExam The physician skin exam will be based on response to the question, “During the past 12 months, has a doctor deliberately checked all or nearly all of your whole body for the early signs of skin cancer?” We will ask about the extent of the examination (“Did it include the lower back? […] The scalp?”) and whether the participant was completely undressed for any part of the examination [54,55,56]. Patients will be asked whether the examination took place during a scheduled visit or was prompted by the participant’s finding of a new lesion
SkinCancerDetectionKnowledge Skin Cancer Detection Knowledge will be assessed using an established questionnaire on skin cancer risk factors (e.g. skin phototype, family history of skin cancer) [57].