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Table 3 Pathways enriched for downregulated genes in miR-29a overexpressing hPSCs

From: Global targetome analysis reveals critical role of miR-29a in pancreatic stellate cell mediated regulation of PDAC tumor microenvironment

Pathway name Genes P value
Cell cycle GINS1; PLK4; TOP2A; GINS2; BLM; CDCA5; PLK1; HJURP; CASC5; ESCO2; CENPA; AURKB; SKA1; CENPE; CENPF; EXO1; E2F1; E2F7a; NEK2; MYBL2a; SPDL1 R = 683; G = 21, p value = 2.07E-10
Tp53 pathway BLM; EXO1; FANCD2; E2F1; SPDL1; E2F7a; AURKB R = 259; G = 7; p value = 0.02074
Signaling by Ras mutants NRASa; IQGAP3 R = 54; G = 2; p value=6.41E-04
IGF pathway NRASa; LAMC1a; IGF1a; FSTL1a; PAPPA2 R = 127; G = 5; p value=0.032048
Laminin interactions ITGA2; ITGA6a; LAMC1a R = 31; G = 3; p value=0.003216579
Collagen binding RC15; COL5A3a; ABI3BP; ITGA2; LRRC15 R = 53; G = 5; p value=0.00125
Collagen biosynthesis and metabolic pathway COL5A3a; ADAMTS2a; ITGA2 R = 84; G = 3; p value=0.04578
  1. R = the number of reference genes in the category; G = number of genes in the gene set for each category; a miR-29a direct targets