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Table 2 Most relevant biological processes associated with downregulated genes in miR-29a overexpressing hPSCs

From: Global targetome analysis reveals critical role of miR-29a in pancreatic stellate cell mediated regulation of PDAC tumor microenvironment

Biological Process Gene Name Ratio p value
Positive regulation of cell proliferation IGF1a; KIF14; IL1B; ESMĀ 1; BCL2; KIF20B 6/490 0.024382
Cell division CENPF; SPDL1; KIF14; SKA3; KIFC1; NEK2; SKA1; KIF18B; CENPE; CDCA5; KIF20B 11/346 4.69E-07
Regulation of G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle CENPF; KIF14; PLK4; NEK2; PLK1 5/80 3.2E-05
Negative regulator of extrinsic apoptotic pathway ITGA6a; IGF1a 2/35 0.011085
Cell adhesion LAMC1a; PCDH9a; PODXL; ITGA2; PCDH1; AJAP1 6/454 0.017486
Cell matrix adhesion COL5A3a; ITGA6a; ADAMTS12; ITGA2 4/95 0.000932
Focal adhesion assembly ITGA2; BCL2 2/27 0.006695
Positive regulation of fibroblast proliferation IGF1a; E2F1 2/49 0.021029
Collagen fibril organization COL5A3a; ADAMTS2a 2/46 0.018671
Extracellular matrix organization COL5A3a; LAMC1a; ITGA6a; ITGA2; ABI3BP; PTX3 6/229 0.000624
Cell junction organization ITGA6a;CLDN1a; LAMC1a; ITGA2 4/37 0.002963
Positive regulation of cell migration CLDN1a; ITGA6a; IGF1a; PLAU; F2RL1; PODXL; LRRC15; IL1B 8/224 8.23E-06
Positive regulation of inflammatory response ITGA2; IL1B 2/75 0.046007
Positive regulation of IL-6 secretion F2RL1; IL1B 2/33 0.009895
  1. a miR-29a direct targets