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Table 3 Genes with copy number alterations which are well known to be associated with cancer development and/or progression

From: The molecular pathogenesis of Trichilemmal carcinoma

CaseChrStartEndGeneGenetic alteration 
2Chr1089,624,15689,725,266PTENDelTC was reported in patients with Cowden syndrome, which is caused by germline PTEN deletion [6].
PTEN mutation is found in glioblastoma, endometrial carcinoma, lymphoma, thyroid, breast, prostate carcinoma, melanoma [12].
3Chr2039,657,59339,752,015TOP1AmpTOP1 amplification was reported in advanced and poor prognostic tumors in melanoma [13].
  1. Chr Chromosome, Del Deletion, Amp Amplification, TC Trichilemmal carcinoma