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Table 4 Categories and examples of codes and meaning units in each category

From: Elderly women’s experiences of self-sampling for HPV testing


Codes in each category

Examples of meaning units

HPV self-sampling compared with sampling by a healthcare provider.

- Easy to perform self-sampling at home

- Easy to understand the instructions

- Preference of self-sampling compared with sampling by a healthcare professional at a clinic.

- It was very good, I mean, that you could do it at home and then just send it.

-Very easy, it was great!

- It was actually very nice to do it myself instead of lying down in this chair

Knowledge and concerns about the relationship between HPV infection, and risk for CC.

- Low knowledge about HPV

- Low knowledge about the relationship between HPV infection and CC

- Low knowledge about CC screening and prevention

- Now I know a little more after reading the information, but before I didn’t know so much

“Yes... to start with I didn’t actually know anything … but later I read a bit that it can cause cancer …

-No, I do not know so much. But I know there is a vaccine for little girls.

Experiences and feelings about an HPV positive result.

- Worries regarding an HPV positive result

- No feelings of shame about having an HPV positive result

- Need for more information

-I was not worried! A little surprised, maybe.

-I was a little frightened. I didn’t know much about it. I wondered if I had cancer.

-I did not think so much about this! I have been married to the same man for more than 30 years.

-It felt safe to know that you could call for more information if you want!

  1. CC Cervical cancer.