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Table 2 Answers by age group on how easy or difficult it had been to perform self-sampling

From: Elderly women’s experiences of self-sampling for HPV testing

Age group years (n)Very easy n (%)Easy n (%)Not easy n (%)No answer n (%)
60 (227)121(53.3)101(44.5)2(0.9)3(1.3)
65 (233)124(53.2)103(44.2)4(1.7)2(0.9)
70 (218)105(48.2)100(45.9)6(2.8)7(3.2)
75 (190)77(40.5)102(53.7)6(3.2)5(2.6)
Total (868)427(49.2)406(46.8)18(2.0)17(2.0)
  1. *There were no significant differences in the answers between age groups (p = 0.104)