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Table 4 Frequency of ALK rearrangement by race

From: Frequency of anaplastic lymphoma kinase rearrangements in Moroccan patients with non small cell lung cancer: a multi-institutional national retrospective study

StudyRaceALK rearrangement (%)
Zhou et al. [9]East Asians (China)28/488 (5.7%)
Soda et al. [10]East Asians (Japan)32/754 (4.24%)
Jin et al. [11]East Asians (Korea)10/167 (6%)
Martinez et al. [12]Whites (Spain)7/99 (7.1%)
Yamaguchi et al. [13]Whites (USA)15/192 (7.81)
Desai et al. [14]South Asians (India)5/187 (2.7%)
Arfaoui et al. [15]North Africans (Tunisia)1/19 (5.2%)
Toumi et al. [16]North Africans (Tunisia)2/22 (9.09%)
This studyNorth Africans (Morocco)5/120 (4.2%)
  1. ALK anaplastic lymphoma kinase