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Table 1 Cases of isolated vaginal metastasis from colorectal cancer

From: An isolated vaginal metastasis from intestinal signet ring cell carcinoma: a case report and literature review

AuthorYearAgecomplaint locationVagina massPrimary tumorPathologyMetastasis timeOutcome
Raider [11]196663BleedingYesDescending colonAdenocarcinoma2 year after primay operationAlive for 4 years after vaginal recurrence
Lee SM [12]197481NoneYesSigmoid colonAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 12 months after diagnosis
  57NoneYesSigmoid colonAdenocarcinoma18 months after primay operationVaginal recurrence 1 year after diagnosis
Marchal F [13]200681BleedingYesSigmoid colonAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 39 months after diagnosis
Costa SRP [14]200967BleedingYesRight colonAdenocarcinoma3 months after primay operationAlive for 4 years after diagnosis
Funada T [15]201063Perinea discomfortYesRectumAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 1 years after diagnosis
Yin [16]201068BleedingYesRectumAdenocarcinomaSynchronousNone
Sabbagh C [17]201162BleedingYesRectumAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 1 years after diagnosis
  78NoneYesRectumAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 1O months after surgery
D’Arco F [18]201467BleedingYesSigmoid colonAdenocarcinomaSynchronousNone
Sadatomo [1]201571NoneYesRectumAdenocarcinomaSynchronousAlive for 3 months after the recurrent tumor
Present case 45Bleeding and urinary difficultyNoIleocecal valve and RectumSignet ring cell carcinomaSynchronousAbandon treatment