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Table 1 The most probable keywords in 15 topics of LDA2vec

From: Text mining in a literature review of urothelial cancer using topic model

T1Severityinvasive, muscle, bladder, high, cancer, tumor, significant, CI, overall, lower
T2Treatmenttreatment, therapy, management, review, evidence, related, standard, malignancy, use, development
T3Survivalrecurrence, survival, ci, free, cancer, specific, cox, overall, ratio, significant
T4Urinemean, urine, specimen, negative, invasion, value, sample, objective, age, higher
T5Bladderurinary, tract, reported, bladder, significant, urothelial, review, lower, among, revealed
T6Upper urinary tractUC, urothelial, carcinoma, higher, negative, upper, within, tract, tumor, characteristic
T7Geneexpression, gene, tumor, tissue, normal, carcinoma, human, growth, urothelial, marker
T8Lower urinary tractbladder, cancer, effect, treatment, tumor, transurethral, among, detected, lower, number
T9Chemotherapychemotherapy, median, advanced, treatment, treated, survival, effect, carcinoma, received, therapy
T10Surgerytumor, carcinoma, bladder, transitional, resection, detected, transurethral, urothelial, recurrence, malignant
T11Patients’ characteristicsmale, higher, range, analyzed, age, among, characteristic, transitional, objective, effect
T12Gradecarcinoma, urothelial, grade, high, low, lesion, biopsy, negative, reported, specimen
T13Radical cystectomycystectomy, radical, surgery, bladder, treated, among, significant, treatment, carcinoma, age
T14Lymph Node metastasismetastasis, node, lymph, surgical, metastatic, cancer, survival, range, carcinoma, radical
T15Nephroureterectomytumour, renal, upper, tract, carcinoma, nephroureterectomy, urothelial, surgery, lower, grade
  1. UC urothelial cancer