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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Are cancer patients better off if they participate in clinical trials? A mixed methods study

I. Experiences when recruiting
 • What does it mean for you to work with care and research? (opening question)
 • Can you describe how you inform patients about a research study?
 • What factors do you believe affect patients’ willingness to participate most?
 • Do you think patients understand the difference between medical care and research?
II. Ethical issues
 • Have you felt on occasion that it would be unethical to include a patient, or ethical to exclude a patient?
 • Do you think there can be conflicts between personnel regarding care and research?
 • Have you met patients with unrealistic hopes for improvement?
 • Do you think patients want to participate in anything that they believe offers hope?
III. Strategies for dealing with dilemmas
 • Do you discuss ethical issues in your workplace?
 • Do you remember how you or any colleague successfully dealt with one?
 • Do you feel that there are obstacles in your workplace that make it difficult to act ethically?
 • Is there something in your workplace that makes it easy to act ethically?