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Table 1 Effects of differentially expressed genes on disease and cell function after Prdx1 inhibition

From: Prdx1 promotes the loss of primary cilia in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Diseases or Functions AnnotationActivation z-scorep-ValueDifferentially expressed genes (n)
Tumorigenesis of tissue−0.1374.02E-13656
Proliferation of tumor cells0.9271.52E-1056
Proliferation of cells−0.895.22E-10269
Migration of tumor cell lines−0.8481.62E-0976
Cell proliferation of tumor cell lines−0.2817.1E-09134
Microtubule dynamics1.7681.43E-08106
Apoptosis of tumor cell lines1.0591.62E-08108
Invasion of cells−0.2895.28E-0882
Cell death of tumor cell lines1.0595.87E-08127
Formation of cellular protrusions2.5450.0000004382
Cell movement of carcinoma cell lines−2.110.0000096425
Migration of carcinoma cell lines−2.0820.000012522
Invasion of tumor cell lines−0.3620.00000063664
Attachment of cells2.1870.00038215
Engulfment of tumor cell lines−1.750.00026416
Gastrointestinal tract cancer−0.9260.000329491
Extension of neurites1.9460.00033518
Migration of pancreatic cancer cell lines−1.9120.0003388
Development of kidney cell lines−1.1180.0003697
Cell proliferation of kidney cell lines−1.1540.00042618
Colony formation of lung cancer cell lines−1.1530.0004488
Invasion of digestive organ tumor−10.0005128
Invasion of epithelial cell lines−1.5770.0005987
Metastatic potential of tumor cell lines−1.4040.0007386
Extension of cellular protrusions1.2570.0007520
Apoptosis of colorectal cancer cell lines1.0640.00078222
Degeneration of nervous system−2.1010.00089226
Migration of prostate cancer cell lines−1.0870.00092412
Degeneration of neurons−1.1530.0013322
  1. Z-score > 2 signifies that the function is significantly activated. Z-score < −2 signifies that the function is significantly inhibited. All diseases and functions are sorted using -Log (P-value), ranking from high to the bottom according to the value of -log (p-value)