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Table 3 Postoperative imaging of patients treated with resection of BM

From: Perioperative imaging in patients treated with resection of brain metastases: a survey by the European Association of Neuro-Oncology (EANO) Youngsters committee

Postoperative imaging
 Postoperative MRI7764.2
 Postoperative CT4436.7
 No postoperative imaging54.2
 Not known10.8
Time point of postoperative MRI
  ≤ 72 h after resection7360.8
  > 72 h to 7 days after resection21.7
  > 7 days to 4 weeks after resection75.8
  > 4 weeks to 3 months after resection1815.0
  > 3 months after resection43.3
 Very variable10.8
 Not known1512.6
Reasons for postoperative MRI
 To evaluate the extent of resection7360.8
 To exclude postoperative complications (hematoma, ischemia ...)3428.3
 For research purpose86.7
Parameters influencing time point of postoperative MRI
 Number of BM2621.7
 Histology of primary tumor1815.0
 Previous therapy of BM1815.0
 GPA class/life expectancy of patient1210.0
 Not known43.3
Consequences in case of residual tumor
 Adjustment of the radiotherapy plan3226.7
 Considering re-do surgery to achieve complete resection3428.3
Causes of lack of postoperative MRI
 Considered unnecessary1714.2
 No capacity/availability1310.8
 Due to high costs97.5
 Intraoperative MRI already performed00
  1. BM brain metastases, CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging