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Table 7 Characteristics of 14 locally advanced patients without resection

From: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by curative-intent surgery for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma based on its anatomical resectability classification and lymph node status

GenderFactor of unresectabilityChemo-therapyRadio-therapyReason of deathSurvival
1)50’sMVascular (PV and HA)**GS50.4GyLocal tumor growth92.0 m (Dead)
2)80’sMBiliary* + Vascular (PV and HA)**GS36GyOther disease14.7 m (Dead)
3)80’sFBiliary* + Vascular (HA)**Local tumor growth3.1 m (Dead)
4)70’sMBiliary* + Vascular (HA)**GSDissemination
Liver metastasis
13.9 m (Dead)
5)70’sMVascular (HA)**GSLocal tumor growth
Liver metastasis
21.6 m (Dead)
6)60’sMBiliary* + Vascular (HA)**GS → GCLocal tumor growth
Lung metastasis
18.5 m (Dead)
7)60’sMBiliary*GSLocal tumor growth
18.3 m (Dead)
8)70’sMBiliary*GS → GC36GyLocal tumor growth, Dissemination16.7 m (Dead)
9)70’sMVascular (HA)**Local tumor growth, Dissemination10.9 m (Dead)
10)60’sFBiliary*GS → GCLocal tumor growth
Liver and bone metastasis
16.7 m (Dead)
11)40’sFVascular (PV and HA)**GS → GCLocal tumor growth
Distant LN metastasis
17.2 m (Dead)
12)50’sMVascular (PV and HA)**G → GC45GyDissemination
Lung and bone metastasis
24.0 m (Dead)
13)70’sMVascular (HA)**GS → GC18.0 m (Alive)
14)80’sMVascular (HA)**GS5.1 m (Alive)
  1. *Biliary factor: biliary margin negative could not be obtained by either side of right or left trisectionectomy
  2. **Vascular factor: Unreconstructible HA and/or PV due to tumor involvement or occlusion
  3. G gemcitabine, GS gemcitabine + TS-1, GC gemcitabine + cisplatin