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Table 3 CIBERSORT analyses, Stavanger array cohort and Oslo2 cohort

From: MiR-18a and miR-18b are expressed in the stroma of oestrogen receptor alpha negative breast cancers

Stavanger array cohort (n = 94)Oslo2 cohort (n = 377)
 hsa-miR-18ahsa-miR-18b hsa-miR-18ahsa-miR-18b
M1 Macrophages0.4150.0010.3870.001Memory activated CD4+ T-cells0.2650.0010.3030.001
Memory activated CD4+ T-cells0.3280.0010.3080.002Activated Dendritic cells0.2450.0010.2420.001
M0 Macrophages0.2990.0030.2790.006M1 Macrophages0.2410.0010.2860.001
  1. List of the top four immune cells that correlate with miR-18a and miR-18b expression. a indicates Absolute Spearman’s Rho correlation