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Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies used in IHC staining

From: MiR-18a and miR-18b are expressed in the stroma of oestrogen receptor alpha negative breast cancers

AntibodyCloneConcentrationTarget cellsCompany
ERSP11:400Epithelial cellsThermo Scientific, Waltham, USA
CD44B121:100CD4+ T-cellsNovocastra, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
CD8C8/144B1:50CD8+ T-cellsDAKO, Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, USA
CD20L261:1000B-cells, neoplasms of B-cellsDAKO
CD68PG-M11:400B-cells, macrophages, histiocytes, dendritic cells, NK cellsDAKO
CD138B-A381:50Plasma cells and some epithelial cellsAbD Serotec (BioRad), Kidlington, UK
PAX5241:100B-cellsBD Biosciences, San Diego, USA
  1. Antibody, clone, concentrations used, Target cells and company of the antibodies used in IHC staining