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Table 3 Detailed information of discordant cases for PD-L1 expression among paired samples

From: Cytology cell blocks from malignant pleural effusion are good candidates for PD-L1 detection in advanced NSCLC compared with matched histology samples

No.Specimen 1Time intervalSpecimen 2
TypeVTCTreatmentStaining intensityPD-L1%TypeVTCTreatmentStaining intensityPD-L1%
1Surgical resection (lung)10,000NT3+7018.5 mMPE10,000AITa3+40
2Subaxillary mass biopsy790CM, AIT1+1510.2 mMPE10,000CMa, AIT3+90
3CTG-CN (lung)400NT1+455.1 mMPE100,000TGTa3+90
4CTG-CN (lung)5000NT1+< 11.6 mMPE10,000CMa, EBRTa3+> 90
5Surgical resection (LN)30,000NT1+153 dMPE56,000NT2+70
6MPE320CM1+200 dPleural biopsy240CM2+70
7MPE5000NT2+500 dSurgical resection (LN)10,000NT2+5
8MPE6000NT2+550 dEndobronchial FB450NT1+15
9MPE150,000NT3+> 901 dEndobronchial FB234,000NT1+10
10MPE80,000NT3+> 902 dCTG-CN (lung)37,100NT2+20
11MPE500NT3+> 902 dEndobronchial FB400NT1+40
12MPE30,000NT3+> 904 dPleural biopsy1060NT2+35
13MPE125NT2+206 dPleural biopsy450NT1+< 1
14MPE10,000NT3+9010 dLymph node biopsy550NT1+2
15MPE1540NT1+2019.1 mPleural biopsy4520TGTa1+< 1
  1. Abbreviation: VTC viable tumor cells, MPE malignant pleural effusion from thoracentesis, PD-L1 programmed cell death ligand-1, CTG-CN computed tomography-guided core needle biopsy, FB forceps biopsy, NT no treatment, CM chemotherapy, TGT targeted therapy, AIT adoptive cellular immunotherapy, EBRT external beam radiotherapy; adifferent from previous treatments; Specimen 1 obtained earlier than specimen 2