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Table 1 Clinical and pathologic details of patients and specimens

From: Cytology cell blocks from malignant pleural effusion are good candidates for PD-L1 detection in advanced NSCLC compared with matched histology samples

CharacteristicNo.Adequate (%)
Specimens248225 (90.7)
MPE cell blocks124114 (91.9)
Histology specimens124111 (89.5)
  Regional/distant lymph nodes29 
  Subaxillary/abdominal mass2 
  Surgical resection1111 (100)
  EBUS-TBNA88 (100)
  Biopsy10592 (87.6)
   Endobronchial forceps biopsy3830 (78.9)
   CTG-CN3130 (96.8)
   Other histologic biopsy3632 (88.9)
Age (median) (y)29–85 (61) 
 Squamous cell11 
  1. Abbreviations: MPE malignant pleural effusion, CTG-CN computed tomography-guided core needle biopsy, EBUS-TBNA endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration biopsy, NSCLC, NOS non-small cell lung carcinoma, not otherwise specified