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Table 4 Meta-regression analysis for influence of dependent variables on disease free survival

From: Fertility sparing surgery vs radical surgery for epithelial ovarian cancer: a meta-analysis of overall survival and disease-free survival

VariableCoefficientSE−95% CI+ 95% CIp-value
Mucinous tumors−0.00190.0072−0.01610.01230.79
Endometroid tumors0.00240.0153−0.02760.03240.87
Serous tumors0.0140.0101−0.00580.03370.16
Adjuvant Chemotherapy/radiotherapy−0.01410.0071−0.028−0.00010.04
Stage 1A/1B tumors0.01530.0141−0.01240.04290.27
Stage 1C tumors−0.00560.0087−0.02250.01140.51
Grade 1 and 20.01860.0227−0.02590.06310.41
Grade 3−0.01440.0197−0.05310.02430.46
  1. SE Standard Error, CI Confidence interval