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Table 3 Patient comorbidities characteristics

From: Both comorbidity and worse performance status are associated with poorer overall survival after external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Charlson ComorbidityWeightN%
Diabetes without complications112919.4
Chronic pulmonary disease19414.1
Cerebrovascular disease1588.7
Myocardial infarction1578.6
Connective tissue disease1538.0
Congestive heart failure1304.5
Peripheral vascular disease1182.7
Peptic ulcer disease1152.3
Liver disease, mild120.30
Renal disease, moderate or severe2609.0
Diabetes with end organ damage2223.3
Malignant tumor (within five years)2172.6
Leukemia, polycythemia240.60
Lymphoma, multiple myeloma230.45
Liver disease, moderate or severe320.30
Metastatic solid malignancy600
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)600