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Table 4 Reports of surgical resection for recurrent/ progressive brain metastases after STI

From: Retrospective analysis of salvage surgery for local progression of brain metastasis previously treated with stereotactic irradiation: diagnostic contribution, functional outcome, and prognostic factors

First Author, Year [ref]Number of patientsSurgical lesionRPA class population I/2/3 (%)Previous treatmentMedian tumor volume or maximum diameterRates of radiation necrosis alone (%)Median survival (months)# Pts with local recurrence after surgery (%)# Pts with dissemination after surgery (%)Surgical mortality (%)
Vecil, 2005 [17]617413/72/15SRSNR6/74 (8)11.113/ 74 (17.6)NR3.0
Truong, 2006 [10]323213/87/0SRS1.5 cc4/32 (12.5)8.99/ 32 (28)NR3.0
Kano, 2009 [18]585838/52/10SRS15.5 cc0 (0)7.618/ 58 (31)NR1.7
Jagannathan, 2010 [11]1515NRSRS7.5 cc5/15 (33.3)11.30/ 15 (0)NRNR
Schackert, 2013 [19]676724/46/30SRSNRNR7.521/ 67 (31.3)NRNR
Telera, 2013 [20]151650/25/25SRS3 cm (1.5–4.5)7/16 (50)19.00/16 (0)NR0.0
Present study, 2019485413/31/56SRS or SRT3.5 cm7/54 (13)20.214/54 (25.6)3/54 (5.6)0.0
  1. *NR Not reported,
  2. # Pts patients