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Table 3 Hazard Ratio for Overall Survival & Sensitivity Analysis (2nd line ipilimumab vs historical controls)

From: Real-world comparative effectiveness of second-line ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma: a population-based cohort study in Ontario, Canada

  Hazard Ratio (95% CI)P-value
Primary AnalysesModel A: Unadjusted Model0.65 (0.52–0.82)0.0003
Model B: IPTW Weighted Model0.62 (0.52–0.73)< 0.0001
Sensitivity AnalysesModel C: IPTW Weighted Model adjusting for 3rd line0.64 (0.53–0.76)< 0.0001
Model D: IPTW Weighted Model adjusting for 3rd line checkpoint inhibitor treatment  
2nd line Ipilimumab0.63 (0.53–0.75)< 0.0001
Historical ControlsRef
Model E: Censoring patients at start of 3rd line < 0.0001
2nd line Ipilimumab0.60 (0.48–0.73) 
Historical ControlsRef 
Model F: Excluding patients who started 3rd line treatment 0.0001
2nd line Ipilimumab (n = 122)0.67 (0.55–0.81) 
Historical Controls (n = 102)Ref