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Table 5 Values of adipose tissue parameters in studied groups and control

From: Gastrointestinal peptides in children before and after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Parameterpre-HSCTpost-HSCTControlP value, pre-HSCT vs post-HSCTP value, pre-HSCT vs controlP value, Post-HSCT vs control
BMIa18.9 (3.33)18.3 (3.47)19.1 (3.00)0.1730.7940.405
BMIPercb70.4 [44.9;86.4]51.0 [16.2;90.6]77.7 [46.7;84.3]0.1700.9670.486
BMISDSa0.57 (1.21)0.37 (1.26)0.61 (0.87)0.3920.8980.455
BF_kga6.46 (6.42)6.65 (5.35)12.0 (8.46)0.8540.0310.029
BF_%a14.5 (11.0)15.8 (8.71)21.1 (8.54)0.6160.0420.062
  1. aMean values (standard deviations), paired Student Test for pre-HSCT vs. post-HSCT, and unpaired Student test for comparison with Control
  2. bMedians [first and third quartile], Mann- Whitney test p-value