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Table 3 Characteristics of HSCT recipients

From: Gastrointestinal peptides in children before and after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Number of patients27
Sexboys-20, girls-7
Age (years)1.5–19 (mean 9, median 9.6)
Neoplastic diseases, n (n %)18 (67%)
Chemotherapy before HSCT, n (n %)17 (63%)
Local radiotherapy5 (CNS-4,Testes-1)
Time since diagnosis (years)
 Neoplastic diseasesMedian-1, mean-2; range 0.1–7
 Non-neoplastic diseasesMedian-1.5, mean-3.8, range 0.1–13
Conditioning regimen based on busulfan or treosulfan, n (n %)16(60%)
Total body irradiation – 12Gy/6fractions, n (n %)7 (26%)
GvHD prophylaxis, n (n %)
 CSA4 (15%)
 MTX + CSA23 (85%)
Mucositis, n (%)22 (82%)
 Grade, nI-7, II-8, III-6, IV-1
Intravenous alimentation due to mucositis (%)48
aGvHD, n (n %)11 (41)
 Localisation, %Gut-9, Skin-91, Liver-27
 Grade, nIA-1, IB-4, IIB-1, IIC-3, IIIC-2
Systemic glucocorticoid treatment, n (%)19 (70)
Systemic glucocorticoid treatment (days)Median-3.5, mean-3.6; range 0.1–11
Time from discontinuation of systemic glucocorticoids to the second assessment (months)Median-3.6, mean-4.5; range 0.5–14
Time from discontinuation of immunosuppressive treatment to the second assessment (months)Median 1.6; range 0–9
Time from HSCT to the second assessment (months)Median 6.3 (5.9–19.1)
  1. aGvHD acute graft-versus-host disease, CSA cyclosporin, MTX methotrexate