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Table 2 Pooled annual percent change in incidence (APCi), 95% confidence intervals, and p-values for yCRC overall, according to sex, and continent

From: Trends in the epidemiology of young-onset colorectal cancer: a worldwide systematic review

  1. *Sensitivity analyses to obtain pooled APCi overall, for women and men, and for North America were based on included USA studies using SEER data to account for potential overlap between studies; pooled APCi’s for Oceania, Europe, and Asia were unchanged as they were not subject to sensitivity analyses given fewer studies and different data sources;
  2. -Primary analysis included 16 USA studies reporting APCi and thus represent the most inclusive pooling scenario.
  3. -Sensitivity analysis 1 included 11 USA studies
  4. -Sensitivity analysis 2 included 9 USA studies
  5. -Sensitivity analysis 3 included 7 USA studies
  6. ‡Cochran’s Q-test non-significant and I-squared statistic (=0), suggesting no evidence of heterogeneity