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Table 5 Overall treatment satisfactiona (ITT population)

From: Final results from IMPROVE: a randomized, controlled, open-label, two-arm, cross-over phase IV study to determine patients’ preference for everolimus in combination with exemestane or capecitabine in combination with bevacizumab in advanced HR-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer

 First-line therapySecond-line therapy
Arm A (N = 39)Arm B (N = 38)Arm A (N = 17)Arm B (N = 19)
Satisfied30 (76.9%)24 (63.2%)10 (58.8%)11 (57.9%)
Not satisfied5 (12.8%)7 (18.4%)3 (17.6%)5 (26.3%)
Missing 2 (5.3%)1 (5.9%)2 (10.5%)
p-value0.3832 0.6243 
  1. aTreatment satisfaction was evaluated in week 12 of each treatment phase, assessed by the Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire. Second-line: Due to small n, the p-value of the asymptotic chi-square test may not be valid. The p-value of the corresponding exact test was 0.6968. Missing: Item was not answered or not evaluable. Discrepancies between the sum of answers reported and the total n are due to patients, who did not answer the whole questionnaire