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Table 2 Classification of the 449 radioiodine-avid foci evident at SPECT/TC and the corresponding planar WBS findings

From: Neck lymph node metastasis detection in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) in long-term follow-up: a 131I-SPECT/CT study

SPECT/CT radioiodine foci (n = 449) Corresponding findings at planar WBS
Residues: 338/449 Residues: 252/338
Unclear: 18/338
Occult: 68/338
Lymph node metastases: 93/449 Residues: 8/93
Unclear: 26/93
Occult: 59/93
Physiologic uptakes: 18/449 Residues: 3/18
Unclear: 15/18