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Table 2 Results of data collection and analysis

From: Construction of an integrated human osteosarcoma database, HOsDb, based on literature mining, microarray analysis, and database retrieval

 Tumor vs. normalMetastasis vs. non-metastasisDrug-treated vs. untreated
OS-related gene
 DEG (mRNA expression microarray)69646851589
 Known gene (text mining)50587
 Total OS-related gene71917631589
  Gene-TF pair (database)190,36221,13141,135
  Gene-miRNA pair (database)3,749,490358,361767,674
  Gene-SNP (database)28,38625323943
OS-related miRNA
 DEM (miRNA expression microarray)209
 miRNA (database)31
 Total OS-related miRNA240  
OS-related CNV
 CNV (CGH microarray)1695
OS-related methylation
 Gene methylation (database)18
  1. OS Osteosarcoma, DEG Differentially expressed gene, DEM Differentially expressed miRNA, miRNA microRNA, CNV Copy number variation, CGH Comparative genomic hybridization