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Table 3 Univariate and multivariate analysis for overall survival in 47 patients undergoing surgical resection for T1b gallbladder cancer

From: Long-term outcomes of surgical resection for T1b gallbladder cancer: an institutional evaluation

VariableModalityNo. of patientsOverall survival rate (%)Univariate analysis P valueMultivariate analysis
5-year10-yearHazard ratio (95% CI)P value
Age≤ 70 years1794940.0051.000 
>  70 years307245 5.285 (1.751–15.953)0.003
Female318676 0.272 (0.107–0.695)0.007
Surgical procedureSimple cholecystectomy2984660.618  
Radical resection187864   
Surgical approachOpen3980650.139  
Size of primary tumor≤ 60 mm3081690.690  
>  60 mm178159   
Macroscopic typeProtruding2374600.743  
Histological gradeG13487780.032  
G2 + G3136533   
  1. T1b Tumor invades the muscular layer, CI Confidence interval, G1 Well differentiated, G2 Moderately differentiated, G3 Poorly differentiated