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Table 2 Clinicopathological characteristics of 47 patients with T1b gallbladder cancer according to surgical procedure

From: Long-term outcomes of surgical resection for T1b gallbladder cancer: an institutional evaluation

VariableSimple cholecystectomy (N = 29)Radical resection (N = 18)P value
Age (≤ 70 years/>  70 years)7/2210/80.059
Gender (Male/Female)13/163/150.062
Size of primary tumor (≤ 60 mm/>  60 mm)20/910/80.371
Macroscopic type (Protruding/Superficial)13/1610/80.556
Surgical approach (Open/Laparoscopic)21/818/00.017
Histological grade (G1/G2 + G3)21/813/5>  0.999
Lymphatic vessel invasion (Absent/Present)29/017/10.383
Blood venous invasion (Absent/Present)29/018/0NA
Perineural invasion (Absent/Present)29/018/0NA
Lymph node metastasis (Absent/Present)29/018/0NA
Residual tumor status (R0/R1 + R2)29/018/0NA
  1. T1b Tumor invades the muscular layer, G1 Well differentiated, G2 Moderately differentiated, G3 Poorly differentiated, R0 No residual tumor, R1 Microscopic residual tumor, R2 Macroscopic residual tumor, NA Not available