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Table 1 Characteristics of the 51 neuro-oncologic radiomics studies with study design of diagnostic, prognostic, or predictive biomarker

From: A systematic review reporting quality of radiomics research in neuro-oncology: toward clinical utility and quality improvement using high-dimensional imaging features

Article characteristicsNumber of articles*
Patient number153 (standard deviation 82.2; range 32–439)
Journal type
 Clinical journal20 (39.2)
 Imaging journal31 (60.8)
Study inclusion
 Gliomas46 (90.1)
  Glioblastoma only24 (47.1)
  Lower grade gliomas only15 (29.4)
  Gliomas (WHO grade I to IV)7 (13.7)
 Other tumors5 (9.8)
Study intent
 Differential diagnosis6 (11.8)
 Histopathological grade5 (9.8)
 Molecular/genomic classification25† (49.0)
 Survival13† + (25.5)
 Response to treatment3† + (5.9)
 Others1 (2)
 Diagnostic36† (70.6)
 Prognostic13† + (25.5)
 Predictive4+ (7.8)
External validation
 Yes15 (29.4)
 No36 (70.6)
  1. *numbers in parentheses are percentages
  2. †Two studies overlap in both molecular classification and survival (diagnostic and prognostic marker)
  3. + one study overlaps in both prognostic and predictive biomarker