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Table 4 The χ2 statistic on Disease-Specific Survival and Overall Survival for Anatomic and Prognostic Stage of TNBCs included in SEER cohort (N = 31,941)

From: AJCC 8th edition prognostic staging provides no better discriminatory ability in prognosis than anatomical staging in triple negative breast cancer

StageDisease-Specific SurvivalOverall Survival
IA vs IB24.94< 0.00011.2720.25938.2540.00411.5610.2115
IB vs IIA0.00450.9461220< 0.00011.2470.2641183.3< 0.0001
IIA vsIIB137.6< 0.000123.93< 0.0001109.5< 0.000122.64< 0.0001
IIB vs IIIA98.42< 0.00010.2490.617892.07< 0.00010.0052360.9423
IIIA vs IIIB97.38< 0.00019.910.0016128.1< 0.0001110.0009
IIIB vs IIIC0.68230.408821.1< 0.00010.06010.806321.44< 0.0001
  1. TNBC triple negative breast cancer, AS anatomic stage, PS prognosis stage