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Table 3 The χ2 statistic on Disease-Specific Survival and Progression-Free Survival for Anatomic and Prognostic Stage of TNBCs included in SYSUCC-PWH cohort (N = 611)

From: AJCC 8th edition prognostic staging provides no better discriminatory ability in prognosis than anatomical staging in triple negative breast cancer

StageDisease-Specific SurvivalProgression-Free Survival
Ia vs IIA0.58760.44330.58760.44330.0067530.93450.00680.9345
IIA vs IIB3.2140.0731.5720.209910.360.001310.050.0015
IIB vs IIIA2.160.14170.00160.96815.7650.01630.65870.417
IIIA vs IIIB4.2040.04031.2390.26560.53320.46530.78110.3768
IIIB vs IIIC0.20070.65410.79130.37371.9220.16562.2940.1299
  1. aNo case was classified as anatomic stage IB in this cohort
  2. TNBC triple negative breast cancer, AS anatomic stage, PS prognosis stage