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Table 4 Association between different ESR1 and ESR2 SNP genotypes and the Clinico-pathological attributes of breast cancer (BC)

From: Association between ESR1, ESR2, HER2, UGT1A4, and UGT2B7 polymorphisms and breast Cancer in Jordan: a case-control study

attributes of BC
CC vs CA vs AA
CC vs CT vs TT
CC vs CT vs TT
AA vs AG vs GG
CC vs CT
Age at BC diagnosis b0.6320.5280.1790.1900.019
Age at first pregnancy b0.9040.2950.1280.3180.634
Age at menarche b0.7410.8660.1540.1380.570
Age at menopause b0.9650.0770.6270.6640.533
Allergy a0.3000.8930.8860.7490.625
Body mass index b0.6270.2090.1260.0070.983
Breastfeeding status a0.2060.4970.8950.5400.448
Co-morbidity a0.9140.7190.4850.6150.868
Family history a0.4500.0320.6740.7060.497
Smoking a0.0670.7220.8680.5750.415
Pathological attributes of breast cancer (BC)
 Axillary lymph nodes a0.4340.3140.0780.2660.805
 Estrogen receptor status a0.0120.3980.8030.5170.569
 HER2 a0.5610.6420.1520.4200.492
 Histology classification a0.7020.6100.8180.8980.806
 Lymph node involvement a0.7720.3620.3180.2550.534
 Progesterone receptor status a0.9660.7560.5360.4950.736
 Tumor differentiation a0.9700.3990.5960.8490.056
 Tumor size b0.0320.1770.6370.6190.536
 Tumor stage a0.7930.1580.1990.1550.614
  1. aPearson’s chi-squared test was used to determine genotype-phenotype association
  2. bAnalysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to determine genotype-phenotype association