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Table 6 Associations between mammographic density at diagnosis and pathological complete response following neoadjuvant chemotherapy - premenopausal patients

From: Mammographic density is a potential predictive marker of pathological response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

 BI-RADSaNN of casesOR (95% CI)
Model 1a42(ref)
b2720.08 (0.01–0.91)
c71130.22 (0.03–1.74)
d1310.08 (0.00–1.41)
Model 2a42(ref)
b2720.05 (0.00–0.74)
c71130.15 (0.01–1.52)
d1310.05 (0.00–1.49)
Model 3a42(ref)
b2720.07 (0.00–1.38)
c71130.15 (0.01–1.67)
d1310.03 (0.00–0.76)
  1. Odds ratio (OR) for pathological complete response (pCR)
  2. Model 1: crude analysis
  3. Model 2: minimally adjusted (age, BMI, pregnancies) analysis
  4. Model 3: fully adjusted (model 2 + ER, PR, Ki67, HER2, and tumor size at diagnosis) analysis
  5. aThroughout the table BI-RADS breast composition is intended