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Table 3 Univariate and multivariate analysis of influence on the recurrence of PTC

From: Comprehensive gene expression analysis for exploring the association between glucose metabolism and differentiation of thyroid cancer

Variables (The first group is the reference group)Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
H.R. (95% C.I.)p-valueH.R. (95% C.I.)p-value
Age (Continuous variable)1.01 (0.99–1.04)0.3511.01 (0.99–1.04)0.265
Gender (Female vs. Male)1.56 (0.71–3.45)0.2721.98 (0.83–4.71)0.124
T-stage (T1 + T2 vs. ≥T3)1.36 (0.63–2.95)0.4351.41 (0.61–3.21)0.420
N-stage (N0 vs. ≥N1)3.76 (1.40–10.09)0.0084.24 (1.50–11.96)0.006
TDS (Continuous variable)0.76 (0.55–1.06)0.1020.83 (0.58–1.18)0.293
Glycolysis signature (Continuous variable)1.50 (1.03–2.17)0.0331.98 (1.26–3.10)0.003
  1. PTC Papillary Thyroid Cancer; H.R Hazard Ratio; C.I Confidence Interval; TDS Tumor Differentiation Score